Pairi Daiza Zoo

Pairi Daiza Zoo

Discover over 7,000 animals and lush botanical gardens at Belgium’s biggest attraction, the Pairi Daiza.


  • See over 7,000 animals like the Giant Panda couple with their babies
  • Go around the globe and discover the 8 different themed worlds
  • Watch the elephants take a bath and the Orangutans swing
  • See the Spix’s Macaw bird, the rarest bird in the world
  • Admire the beautiful botanical gardens
Full description

Enjoy a fun-filled day inside the Pairi Daiza Zoo. See over 7,000 animals, admire beautiful botanical gardens, and explore the 8 different themed areas.

Meet wandering elephants, feed plenty of animals, observe cheetahs, lions, gorilla’s, white tigers, pandas, orangutans, and many more.

Discover a zoo that has voted as the “Best Zoo in Europe” multiple times and walkthrough 8 different themed areas:
– The Kingdom of Ganesha
– The Middle Kingdom
– The Land of the Cold
– Cambron-Abbey
– Cambron by the Sea
– The Land of Origins
– The Southern Cape
– The Last Frontier